In December 2011, DAIKURA was established by the ceramic artists of Bizen ware,
OGAWA SHUZO and OGAWA KOUZO, to sell the works of ceramic manufacturer, OMOMUKI-KOUBOU online.
However, "New Bizen ware" is necessary to continue this business in the future.

So many external opinions have been referred.
Today, we are also engaged in the development of new products under the brand name of DAIKURA beside the mail-order business.

In order not to bring disgrace to the “Bizen brand” forged by the predecessors over a long time,
I have been under the instructions of a traditional craftsman with 45 years of ceramic experience,
OGAWA SHUZO and exchanged skills and experiences with him,
and dedicated to ensure the regular use of “DAIKURA brand” even in 50 or 100 years in the future.

Company Information

Company Name
Bizen Ware shop DAIKURA
Inbe715, Bizen, Okayama, 705-0001, Japan.
Tel:+81 869 64 2710 Fax:+81 869 64 2711
Hiroko Ogawa
Exhibition / Awards
Jul.2014 Exhibited at Maison & Objet
Feb.2015 Exhibited at Ambiente
Jul.2015 Exhibited at Milano Salone
Sep.2015 Our product was certified as The Wonder500 by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
Feb.2016 Exhibited at tetete
Feb.2016 Exhibited at Ambiente
Jun.2016 Exhibited at Interior Lifestyle Living
Feb.2017 Exhibited at tetete
Feb.2017 Exhibited at Ambiente
May.2017 Exhibited at London Craft Week
Jun.2017 Exhibited at Interior Lifestyle Living
Feb.2018 Exhibited at tetete

Shop Information

Bizen Ware shop DAIKURA in Bizen

Inbe715, Bizen, Okayama, 705-0001, Japan.
Tel +81 869 64 2710 Fax +81 869 64 2711



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