Just leave your drinking water for a day in our Bizen ware “hiiro” water jug and enjoy an ever smoother drinking water.
Imagine the richness of life and make your daily drinking water even more delicious! There is an old Japanese saying that goes like this“water does not spoil in Bizen ware water jugs”.

“hiiro” comes in a modern 2 color design with a plane trimmed shape rarely seen in Bizen ware and its atmosphere will make you feel nature in a simple and refreshing way.

Φ65 × h.95mm
red / gray

Φ65 × h.225mm
red / gray


About Bizen ware

Bizen ware has a history of more than a thousand years.
It is produced using the yakishime method (pottery that is fired without glazing).
Favorable changes during firing often produce unexpected changes in color and surface effects of the ware,
depending on the temperature in the kiln; for example, a slanted-line pattern is produced by wrapping rice straw around a pot.
The color and texture of the ware gradually change over a long period of time.
Such characteristics make Bizen ware special and unique.

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